Welcome to ICANN’s Registration Data Request Service (RDRS).

This service connects requestors seeking nonpublic registration data with the relevant ICANN-accredited registrars for gTLD domain names who are participating in the service.

Nonpublic data can include information such as a contact name, home or email address, and phone number related to a domain under a gTLD.

This service is a proof of concept that will help inform the ICANN Board’s consideration of the consensus policy recommendations related to a System for Standardized Access/Disclosure. It is expected to run for up to two years.

For more resources on how to use RDRS (including user guides, FAQs), visit the RDRS page on ICANN.org. If you're looking for non-personal registration data, which is publicly available, use ICANN’s lookup tool available at https://lookup.icann.org.